Social Media Management

Your brand as represented on Social Media is a very important piece of your marketing or branding campaign. Engage, post, share. Repeat frequently. Who has the time to make sure that your business is represented by a constant stream of communication?

A few tips that we employ when we are managing a social account.

A. Quality – The quality of your posts needs to be high quality, accurate, relevant and shareable. Let your work continue to work for you when it is shared by making sure that you cite your business.

B. Data – Make sure you use the analytics to guide you on what days, time of day and types of posts relate to your audience the best. Do more of what is working and constantly shape and re-shape your campaign by utilizing the insights given to you.

C. Content Schedule – A content schedule done on a monthly basis gives you a plan to follow and keeps you on track. Schedules must be flexible in case you need to make adjustments. This also gives you the ability to test more posts vs less posts to see if more posts equals more clicks.

How Does Social Media Management Benefit Companies?

Social Media Management is imperative to keep your company’s brand current and relevant. A skilled social media manager can offer opportunities for your business.

A. Insights – An experienced manager can uncover valuable insights that will show how customers view your brand.

B. Handling Complaints – Don’t let a complaint go unnoticed. There is useful and even profitable information in a complaint. It’s an opportunity to learn, to pivot and make the customer happy and move forward together if handled properly.

C. Saving Treasured Time – Social Media can be time consuming! This is one of the main reasons why it falls through the cracks with an inhouse team.

If you need assistance managing your social media accounts, please call us to discuss! At this time, we only offer Facebook Page Management.

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