Graphic Designer Servicing Williamsburg, Virginia Beach | Jay Hermoso

If you’ve ever been in the Virginia Beach area there’s a good chance you’ve seen Jay Hermoso’s graphic design work. He’s put his artistic touch on everything from surf t-shirts to city logos to artwork for celebrity events.

With more than 40 years of experience in the field, Jay has designed apparel and logos for city departments, including first responders and police agencies in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk. Jay has also collaborated with local schools, recreation centers and local sports teams to create eye-catching images and promotional materials that pop.

He specializes in original designs and has generated inventive, award-winning images for Sun Bum, Lazy Shirts, and Shirt Shacks beach apparel shops located up and down the East Coast. Jay has also spearheaded graphic design campaigns for radio stations and celebrity events. Pro tip – if you do the kind of artwork the star of the show loves, the perks are great. Jay has seen Reba McEntire five times from the front row.

When he’s not rubbing elbows with celebrities, Jay combines his graphic arts experience with his social media skills to boost the online presence of local bands and businesses.

Jay is a valued member of our team and husband of Hummingbird Digital Solutions founder Lisa Bishop Hermoso.

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